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Stansted V2: All you need to know.

Updated: Apr 10

Text Updated: 10.04.23 Stansted was without a doubt our first major project. Since we bagan in 2020 - we have constantly strived to improve on quality, price and performance. This means that by early 2022 we realised that Stansted (nearly 2 years old) was due for an upgrade.

Today - we are releasing the latest version - Stansted V2. This combines all of the good features from the original airport, whilst overhauling the performance, file structure and visuals to ensure that Stansted is on par with our latest major releases such as Dublin. This release statement will hopefully cover all of the information you will need in order to download and install the new version as easily as possible. We strongly recommend reading the information here before contacting us - as we are expecting a high volume of queries regarding the update and we may therefore be slower to assist compared to our usual response times. You can see the official trailer for Stansted V2 here:

What has changed since V1?

We have given Stansted a complete overhaul. Bugs have been fixed, performance and visuals significantly improved, and file sizes reduced. The full changelog is as follows: Improved performance

Improved visual effects

Reduced file size

Bug Fixes

Overhauled 3D vegetation

Overhauled lighting effects

Improved PBR effects

Overhauled runway, taxiway and apron textures

Optional ‘Wet Look’ textures

Improved optional animated ground traffic

Overhauled 3D GSE and Ground Vehicles

Optional 4K, PBR Static Aircraft

Added SAM Jetways

What if I don't have Stansted V1?

I have Stansted V1 from: Boundless Store

I have Stansted V1 from: IniBuilds Store

I have Stansted V1 from: Store

I can't find my original order.

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