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Text Updated: 18.04.23

Yep - it's happening! Stansted is coming to XP12.

As part of our 2023 rollout of new XP12 products, we are also upgrading many of our XP11 sceneries. Stansted is of course no exception and will shortly receive an update. Read on to find out more about the plan.

What if I already own Stansted? If you already own Stansted - this upgrade will be completely FREE. We appreciate every single one of you who has downloaded the airport and we want you to continue to enjoy our scenery. For Boundless store customers - click the download link in the email you will receive when the new version is released. For IniBuilds customers - you will be able to redownload from your account as soon as the new version goes live on their store. What if I run XP11? Don't worry! As with all of our projects, Stansted will continue to be fully supported on XP11 and will feature an XP11 optimised version in the download.

What's changing in the update? To coincide with the XP12 upgrade, we have also made some further improvements to the scenery overall. The new version will be known as V2.1. V2.1 will feature: XP12 compatibility Dynamic weather textures* Improved FPS Improved 4K ground textures

New runway textures (Real runway is being resurfaced) Added SAM animated jetways

Added animated airside GSE vehicles Added animated landside traffic (Features UK vehicle styles and local buses, lorries and trucks for added realism) *XP12 only To run this, you will need V1.4 or newer of the Boundless Library - available for free here.

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