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Boundless Development for XP12: The Full Guide.

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Text Updated: 10/04/23 Well - it's out! The long wait is over and X-Plane 12 is finally available to download. The new sim brings about a whole range of new features, and will allow us to start including even more exciting details in our future addons. Below we have compiled all of the information you should need to know regarding our current and future XP12 plans.

Do your products work in XP12?

Yes and no! Laminar Research have done a really great job of ensuring basic backwards compatibility with addons to the sim. Although we are bringing new products to XP12, and are in the process of upgrading XP11 products to be fully compatible - there are currently a few issues between versions. Our team tested every single scenery in September 2022. Generally - everything displays well and can be used in the new sim even before the upgraded versions are released. A few brief summaries of our main airports can be found below for you.

All XP11 airports experience overly bright night lighting in X-Plane 12 - because this affects all sceneries, we have not mentioned it in the summary below.

Shannon: + Runs well and generally displays as intended - No reported issues


+ Visual effects run as intended - Some areas have small mesh issues - slight 'floating' with some objects

Southend: + Runs as intended - Terminal building is slightly raised above ground

Alderney: + Runs as intended - Water masking issues (sea overlapping beaches etc)

Bournemouth: + Runs as inended - No reprted issues *Note - we are not supporting or endorsing our XP11 products for XP12, this is just a guide to help you see what generally works. For fully supported versions, it's best to wait for our official XP12 releases which will be out soon.

Will you develop for XP12?

Where will I be able to purchase your XP12 work?

I have an XP11 product - How will I upgrade it to XP12?

This information is correct as of 10/04/23. For any further queries - please contact us here:

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