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X-Plane - Installing Scenery:

An in depth guide from Boundless.

Welcome to our quick reference guide on installing addon scenery to X-Plane. This will work for both X-Plane 11 & X-Plane 12 and whilst the guide is designed to focus on installing Boundless scenery packages, the same instructions, issues and solutions will apply to other developers too. In this guide, we are going to take you step by step through the installation process on the assumption that it is your first time adding custom scenery to X-Plane. Feel free to skip steps you're happy with, but if you are troubleshooting an installation issue, we recommend reading through the full process.

Downloading my products

Firstly - thank you for your download. We're a relatively small team and over the years it has been amazing to see how many people enjoy using our airports in the sim. Once you've downloaded your product, you will receive an email titled: "Boundless Store order confirmation" Open this email and click on the "View Your Order" button.

Then, download any files you need - they will always be clearly named. If in any doubt as to which files you need - download and read the product documentation which will be included as a PDF. * Remember - keep your confirmation email safe. If you need to redownload products, the links are accessed from these emails!

Installing Boundless scenery

Troubleshooting: "Error loading the scenery package"

Troubleshooting: The scenery doesn't load at all

What if it still won't work?

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