working with us

Are you an addon developer for x-plane, P3D or MSFS? Whatever you make and whatever your abilities are, we'd love to hear from you!


As we progress through 2021, our mission is to become one of the leading developers for the flight simulation community - but we can't do it alone!

About our opportunities

What opportunities do you have?

We have opportunities for any addon developers, big or small, to work with us. Our focus is on scenery enhancement products for all major flight simulator platforms. We are looking for anyone with the right skills to contact us, so we can discuss what's right for you!

What skills do I need?

We are looking for 3D modellers, familiar with the main tools who have the ability to export these to formats used by the flight simulators. We are also searching for specialists in each sim, who will help us to build the actual airports. As our focus is on XP11, we would love to hear from anyone familiar with the WED (Worldeditor) toolset.

How will you help me?

We will support you all the way! We have the ability to add high quality PBR, custom animated ground traffic and HD ortho to your work just to name a few features. All of these increase sales and the popularity of the products you make. We will also take the pressure off you by handling the day to day marketing and management of products, as well as offering a majority of customer support solutions - leaving you free to focus on designing and creating amazing scenery products!

Are the positions paid?

Yes! The positions are paid on a commission basis, where you keep a large percentage of all sales. The exact figure will depend on your skills and abilities, as well as how much we invest in the product to help get it up and running.

How can I apply?

You can email us ( Simply provide some examples of your work, then let us know what you're looking to achieve. We will then be able to work out the best way to move forward.