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boundless support centre

Welcome to the Boundless Support Centre. Here, you will find all of the useful pages which should assist you. If you have an issue that cannot be resolved by any of the sections below, you can of course contact us for one to one support. 


Ideal for a product you have already downloaded and installed. 

You can request advice and help with troubleshooting, or even file a bug report for our team to follow up on.



Support with your downloads, confirmation emails, website and store in general. 

If you are unable to download your product, this is the best section for you.



Perfect for any issues or queries with our partner vendors. 

Use the information we've given here to work out whether you should contact us or a third party about your question.



If your query cannot be solved using the guides and information above, you can always contact us directly. 

We are proud to offer highly personal customer service, you will often be assisted by the lead developer for whichever product you have downloaded.


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