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Report #81


Our long-awaited free upgrade to V1.1 has now been released on our store. This brings with it several improvements and new features, including:

  • Small tweak to include FPS optimisation

  • 3D Runway lights fixed

  • Added animated airside vehicles

  • Added animated road traffic

  • Improved terminal textures

  • Improved hotel textures

  • Improved night lighting

  • Static aircraft now optional

  • Improved ground textures

  • Reduced file size

  • Updated liveries of ground handling vehicles

A reminder that this upgrade has taken several weeks but will be provided entirely FREE to any existing users. All customers have been emailed with a new download link, but if anyone needs further assistance or has any questions we can be reached at

UK Helipads Pack 2:

The second in our series of UK Helipads, brought to you by Ally, sees us visit the following locations in stunning detail:

  • Almondsbury

  • Brook Farm

  • Penzance Heliport

  • Tresco Heliport

  • Liskeard

These are provided with full custom buildings and objects, with some sites having HD ortho included too!

A real treat for the rotary lovers out there!

UK Helipads has entered initial testing - provided below are the first previews, further details will follow.


Prestwick is still a month or two away from release, but has made significant progress recently. Anyone familiar with Ally's work will know that his level of detail is simply unmatched - Prestwick will be no exception. This attention to detail, alongside several real world site visits by myself and Ally for reference photos and information means you can expect some amazing features to be included.

Below are the first work-in-progress previews of Prestwick. Information on release dates and pricing will follow soon.

North Weald:

North Weald is Matt's local airfield, therefore you can expect some unique details and models to be included in his usual stunning detail. North Weald is also now in testing but will be a little while behind our Helipads pack due to the extra levels of attention needed for such a busy, detailed airport.

New(ish) Freeware:

Okay - who knew that Winter was the season of helipads? We didn't expect to be so heavily involved in the rotary scene over the next few weeks but here we are!

A couple of years ago we released a pretty niche, small project. Hull Royal Infirmary Helipad.

Of course, it was a relatively tiny project and we haven't paid too much attention to it since, but it has some amazing features and super HD 5cm ortho imagery (We actually could see a bird poo on a car just from the ortho... it's THAT detailed!)

We think it's a waste of a cool project to have it sitting at the bottom of our store, so we are completely overhauling it with brand-new vehicles, features, lighting and 3D vegetation - and then releasing it as a freeware for everyone to enjoy!

Think of it as our little Christmas present back to you all 😉

More promo images will be with you very very soon - along with all the other details.

Our next report will cover the release of some of these projects, plus more product updates and some brand-new destination announcements for 2024. We'll do our usual New Year roadmap and recap in December / January - but until then - keep an eye on our website, emails, Discord and socials for all the latest news.


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