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Report #80

I know - we've been too quiet lately! I've been away for a couple of weeks enjoying a last minute holiday with the family after having a hell of a busy year. Fortunately now, things are looking calmer and I am able to be back again and helping the team bring you even more new and exciting destinations. (Shoutout to Rik for looking after things whilst I've been away!). This is a very quick summary because - time is best spent actually working on these plans! But it's important that we tell you where we are with things.

Paris Vatry:

95% finished. Unfortunately we have hit a couple of issues just prior to release. We are continuing to test things and work on our solution. I can't give you any real updates until we have everything ready. Luckily, once the problem is solved, everything else is in place to let us move pretty quickly.

Inverness (Update):

We are working on an update to Inverness. This will solve minor bugs, whilst adding:

  • Improved terminal textures

  • Improved night lighting

  • New ground textures

  • Reduced file size

  • Improved FPS

  • New lorry and vehicle models

  • Animated ground traffic (Airside and landside)

  • Static aircraft now optional

This will be a FREE update for existing users and some promo images can be seen here.

Further website tweaks:

Head over to to check out some recent tweaks we have made to keep our website looking fresh! We've smartened up the homepage and made it easier than ever to find our latest news, support articles, scenery and contact info.

Other projects:

Of course - things are still moving in the background too! We are currently working on around 5 unannounced projects which will be named very soon...

That's all for now, see you next time! Lewis

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