Welcome to Shannon! 
With Ireland's longest runway, it's no surpsise that Shannon is a common stopover for unusual aircraft, 

ranging from long haul diversions to Air Force One and USAF aircraft.

It's runway length of 3199m also allowed it to be designated as an alternate landing site for the space shuttle! Whilst you won't see the shuttle in this scenery package,

the following features (and more) have all been included to ensure this is the most accurate rendition of Shannon you will find for XP11.


Main Features Include:

Accurate taxiway, runway & Apron networks

HD, photorealistic PBR apron, taxiway & runway textures

HD custom Buildings

Photorealistic sea & water

Recoloured water in surrounding area (more naturally brown in the estuary rather than default blue)

Terminal interiors modelled

Crisp HD, orthophoto base, carefully sharpened and recoloured for best results

Full night lighting

3D Grass at airport

Custom streetlights / apron lighting

Brand new HD Static GA aircraft

Fully compatible with traffic Global & WT3

Boundless HD Trees / forests - colour matched to the ortho below, includes many colour variations / tree types

Thousands of cutom objects manually placed for best results

High level of airport detail

PBR textures used with airport buildings and many custom objects

Full airport fencing accurately placed

Animated custom road traffic

Animated custom airport vehicles (Shannon Airport vans, custom fire engines etc)

Excellent FPS

Various open hangars

Designed with AutoGate compatibility (animated jetways / guidance systems / marshallers)

All nearby buildings, e.g. car rentals, Shannon Golf Club

Shannon business Park included, with both default and custom buildings placed accurately

Nearby areas covered with our custom night lighting

V1.1 - What's new?
Improved performance
Upgraded airport vehicles
Improved ortho blend with default scenery
'flat' aircraft edited out of Ortho near ALC hangar
Reduced file size
Improved ground markings
More ramp starts near hangars / remote aprons

Boundless - Shannon Airport (EINN)

  • 667MB Download - Extracts to 1.55GB
    Any system capable of running XP11 will run this addon smoothly
    Fully Vulkan compatible