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Discover a complete rendition of Alderney Island brought to MSFS for the first time by Boundless Simulations in partnership with iniScene.

Boundless' Alderney Island is the result of hundreds of hours of work on bringing the island along with Alderney airport (EGJA) to the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator in accordance with the latest developmental standards.


  •  Faithful rendition of the Island of Alderney
  •  High-resolution, hand-corrected orthoimagery spanning the entire island
  •  Custom buildings for VFR landmarks, sevaral forts and hundreds of custom hand-placed placed objects
  •  Corrected mesh and realistic runway configurations as per official data
  •  Custom ground poly by iniScene
  •  4K, PBR texturing in the airport area by iniScene


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Boundless - Alderney Island (EGJA)

  • Supported Simulator Version

    Microsoft Flight Simulator

    System Requirements

    3.23GB download, 4.18GB when installed.