Brought to X-Plane for the first time - this package includes both the airport and entire island of Alderney in the Channel Islands! We have added all major landmarks, modelled to an incredibly high standard. 

These landarks include:

Essex Castle 

Fort Albert 

Fort Chateau a l'Etoc 

Fort Clonque 

Fort Corblets 

Fort Houmet Herbe 

Fort Ile de Raz Fort Quesnard 

Fort Tourgis 

The Odeon 

Braye Beach Hotel 

Church of St. Anne 

Mignot Memorial Hospital 

Museum and Clock Tower 

Quesnard Lighthouse 

St. Annes School 

As well as these points of interest, there are thousands of manually placed trees, houses and miscellaneous objects - all custom made with HD textures. We have also included our own custom terrain mesh as an optional install within the package. We strongly recommend installing it too as it adds another layer of immersion to the scenery.


Main Features Include:


  • Accurate taxiway, runway & Apron networks
  • HD, photorealistic PBR apron, taxiway & runway textures
  • Thousands of HD custom Buildings
  • Photorealistic sea & water
  • Crisp HD, orthophoto base, carefully sharpened and recoloured for best results
  • Full night lighting in the airport and entire island
  • 3D Grass at airport
  • Custom streetlights / apron lighting
  • Brand new HD Static GA aircraft
  • Fully compatible with traffic Global & WT3
  • Boundless HD Trees / forests - colour matched to the ortho below, includes many colour variations / tree types
  • Includes all landmarks
  • 3D harbour, including shipping containers and crane
  • High level of airport detail
  • PBR textures used with airport buildings and many custom objects
  • Full airport fencing accurately placed
  • Custom terrain mesh, offering a realistic representation of the whole island
  • Animated road traffic
  • Animated airport vehicles
  • All farms replicated with 3D buildings
  • Many additional details, e.g. hay bales in fields, fences in fields etc...
  • Excellent FPS
  • Boats accurately placed in harbour and at sea


A great video featuring Alderney by TwoToneMurphy can be found here.

Boundless - Alderney Island (EGJA)