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Weekly Report #67

Project Announcement:

We are pleased to announce that we are currently developing Lands End for X-Plane 11!

Lands End has already progressed nicely and the main elements that still need to be completed / added are final objects, overall performance optimisations and the integration with the surrounding area.

Lands End will also include some very exciting new features such as our new range of 3D vegetation, PBR Twin Otter static aircraft, a full 3D terminal interior and a brand new PBR rendering method which brings buildings to life like never before.

Lands End is also the first project to feature our new "Parallax Interior" modelling method for houses and miscellaneous buildings. This technique has been used extensively in some highly detailed games such as Forza Horizon. Our new Parralax Interiors will allow us to create buildings which feel more realistic, as well as having improved night lighting and more depth to the detail - all whilst maintaining the same performance.

Some early WIP Previews:

Upcoming Releases & Updates:

  • Dublin Update:

Now that the new runway at Dublin has been opened IRL, we will be releasing an update this year including the new runway, some tweaks where possible as well as an optional ground traffic addon.

  • Lydd:

Lydd has received it's final tweaks yesterday and will therefore be entering testing soon.

New Project announcement:

Following the popular UK Helipads Pack 1, we are happy to confirm that Ally will be developing UK Helipads Pack 2. This project still is in a very early stage, therefore we will not be able to share a timeframe yet, but stay tuned for previews in the upcoming weeks.

Screenshot Competition:

This week we concluded our Discord screenshot competition, congratulations to TPCunha for winning the competition with a stunning screenshot taken at Dublin airport!

That is all for this week,


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