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Weekly Report #60


Decent progress was made on Inverness this week. Modeling and clutter work has continued accordingly. Due to Callum being away next week there will not be much news to share, we will however have new previews next week. We have recently made a lot of reference photos for Inverness in order to achieve the highest possible airport accuracy.

Below are some new previews for you to enjoy:

Stansted V2:

The Stansted V2 update is essentially finished, the team is currently busy ironing out some minor bugs. When we complete all of the final testing, we will launch a trailer and therefore a release date, so stay tuned for that!

Below are a few new previews:


This week we saw the release of Swansea airport for X-Plane 11.

The official Swansea's Facebook page has shared the release of Swansea on their page, they ''love it''!

Swansea is available here if you are interested.

That is all for this week,


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