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Weekly Report #52

Another extremely busy week, let's get started!


Dublin is now complete and we are entering the testing phase. This will involve making final tweaks to optimise performance, visuals and iron out any bugs that may be present. We are also working on the Dublin trailer which we hope to share next week with you, before the release on the 13th.

Meanwhile, our range of HD static aircraft continues to grow, as highlighted in the development previews below


We are happy to say that Swansea is essentially complete! We are hoping to commence testing this week.

Below are some new previews.


Good progress has been made on Blackpool this week. The industrial estate buildings have almost all been modelled, this leaves final details and a checkup. Blackpool will, similarly to Swansea, start testing as soon as these tasks have been completed.

Below are some new previews for you to enjoy.

That is all for this week, we hope you have enjoyed!

Rik & Lewis

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