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Weekly Report #46

Another busy week, let's get started!


Dublin has had another good week of progress, we've actually completed the aprons and taxiway textures, as well as adding in the fire station building and working on high quality PBR rendering for several buildings. Next up for us will be texture improvements to some buildings, general tidying up, further ground improvements (adding additional dirt, wear / tear and puddles etc). We'll then be finishing the terminals and adding the airbridges, blending ortho into the surrounding scenery, finalising ground traffic, then it'll be time for the finishing touches. Although we still have lots of work ahead, Dublin is certainly entering the final phases of its development now.


Inverness has continued to progress nicely this week.

We are happy to be able to provide you with some fresh previews below:

New Project:

As well as all of this, we've started work on another great GA Airfield, one which promises not only to be our most detailed, but one of the most detailed available for XP11.

That is all for this week, we hope you have enjoyed,

Lewis & Rik

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