Weekly Report #44

Well - another busy week with a lot of behind the scenes progress being made. Although we've not got a lot to show you just yet (lots of big things are coming very soon) it's been a productive 7 days! Lots of the work this week has been preperation and implementing features which are less visible - meaning we don't have a whole load of previews for you - but we do have a whole load of news...

Dublin: Dublin continues to progress nicely, more apron work has been completed as well as several new buildings being added to the scenery. Whilst we have been working on this, Ally is finishing up the terminal models. These have been completed and are now being tweaked, optimised and tidied up ready for the final version. More previews will be with you in the next week or two once more visible progress has been completed. Blackpool: Matt continues to work wonders with Blackpool which is still progressing well. Anyone who knows the airport will be aware that it features a LOT of nearby warehouses, hangars and offices... naturally Matt is including pretty much all of these! This will make progress seem a little slower for the next week or so - but we can tell already that the results will definitely be worth it. Hopefully more previews will be with you very soon. Inverness: Callum is working at a very similar stage to Matt this week. Like Blackpool, Inverness has a lot of on site warehouses and offices etc. Again, he's modelling all of these. It's a very time consuming job so although lots of work and progress has been made - they have not yet been imported into the scenery, meaning there's no real need for any additional previews this week. His latest estimations for the progress of Inverness are: Airport ground work: 95% Airside ground work: 85% Airport modelling/ texturing: 70% Industrial estate modelling: 50%

Product Updates: As promised, product updates are a big focus for us at the moment. I'm happy to announce that work has already started on updating Stansted - so far - we have overhauled the lighting system to provide both better FPS and more varied and realistic effects as you can hopefully see in the previews. We have also completely replaced the trees with our new forests and 3D trees in selected locations (again to improve peformance, realism and the blending of Stansted with both the default scenery and Orbx TE GB). In the last couple of days, a lot of time has gone into replacing multiple objects and vehicles with updated verisons, this is considerably improving the visuals of the airport and work will continue throughout the week.

We are also replacing generic objects (Traffic cones, vegetation, streetlights etc) with those found in the Boundless Library. This will help us to reduce the file size of Stansted, as well as ensuring any future object updates can be performed by simply updating the central library.

Next for Stansted will be some heavy improvements of the ground textures, before we move onto the full process of file size reduction and performance optimisation. By the time the update is released - you should notice a moderate to significant FPS gain (dependant on your system) along with vastly improved realism in many areas. Of course, these updates will be rolling out to multiple products, and we'll keep you updated as other projects receive updates and improvements - as well as releasing scheduling details in due course.

New Projects: Oh yes - it's time again to hint at a new project. As our team of developers slowly grows, we're able to take on a few new locations. Can anyone guess our latest project based on the render below?

Let us know what you think! That's it for this week! Hopefully you'll agree that it's been a busy one, we're all looking forward to progressing and releasing our latest work over the coming months, with our eyes also firmly fixed on the upcoming release of X-Plane 12. It sure is an exciting time! Take care, and be sure to come back for next week's update. Lewis

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