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Weekly Report #25

Slightly less progress has been made on certain projects than usual, we should however have a big report next week again. Let's get started.

UK Helipad Pack Part 1:

The first UK helipad pack has mostly been completed. The final detailing and vegetation are being added as well as fixing bugs. After these tasks have been completed a test build will become available to the Quality Assurance team, and final tests will be completed.


Caernarfon has had some nice progress this week. As you can see below, work is currently being done on the wind turbines. The release is still expected in one week.


There has sadly not been made significant progress on Doncaster this week, it is progressing though, we should have more previews next week. Please keep in mind these screenshots are all work in progress.

Other projects:

We are happy to say that our biggest project so far is progressing well. The project we are creating will be announced on the 15th of October!

That's it for this week, have a nice week.


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