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Weekly Report #23

Time for a weekly report again, let's get started.


This week we saw the announcement of development having started on Doncaster airport, below are a few words on the progress as well as several previews.

Doncaster airport is currently in the stage of adding the final details. Nearly all of its hangers have been completed as well as most of the ground work. The remaining work to be done includes some of the smaller buildings, some minor details as well as a general cleanup.

*Keep in mind these are work in progress screenshots.


We are happy to announce that the performance update for Gloucester airport has been published over at our website, this update is available for download from the 'My Orders' page.


Caernarfon is nearing completion. Currently, the final buildings are being placed as well as some final tweaks.

Other Projects:

We are pleased to announce the development of our UK Helipads pack Part 1 to compliment our very popular Irish Helipads pack.

This is the first in series of highly detailed packs of UK scenery specifically created for helicopter pilots.

Our biggest project so far has been developing at an exceptional pace, we can not wait to share with you what we have been working on.

That's it for this week, have a nice week.


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