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Weekly Report #17

Here we go again! Time for another weekly report. I'll start with the last couple of weeks - I've had a much needed break and spent a week away in France, this entire post won't be me bragging about it though, don't worry! My point is, we still made a lot of progress when I was away and I'd like to thank the team for that, particularly Cian, Ally, Matt and Rik, who have all ensured we didn't come to a total standstill. We still have a couple of the team away on smaller breaks over the next few weeks - honestly - they deserve it! It won't affect our output too much though and we should be able to maintain our cirrent projected timeframes and release dates. Good news then! So this is a fun report, because so much is happening right now (some of which we can't tell you just yet). So let's start! Gloucester: Ally continues to amaze us everyday with ridiculously good previews and immense details. Gloucester is progressing well and he is in the very late stages of development now. We can expect a release within the next couple of weeks assuming things go smoothly through the testing phase.

Here's some more specific information - from the man himself: "This week saw completion of all of the complex building models on the airfield. Attention has turned towards detailing the scenery with road markings, fences and signage being added. Also, the Jet Age Museum on the Northwest side of the airfield is in advanced stage of completion with various static models of aircraft exhibits being created"

It's hard to be selective with the previews here, because there are so many, and they're all so good. Here are a few of our favourites:

- It's worth noting that Ally hasn't even finished this model yet... the final in sim results should be stunning!

Southend: Southend is our biggest project currently in development. In the last couple of days especially, progress has been rapid. It felt like we were stuck at the 80% finished mark for a while, but finally all the finishing pieces have come together. Southend is now actually finished, and (as we will do with all new releases) we are running much longer ongoing testing and tweaking. Whilst this is something we have always done, we are now making it even more rigorous. Southend will be hitting the IniBuilds store first and will be joining our store after 1 month. Release is scheduled for a few days time, and a preview trailer should be released even sooner! Until then, here are some of our most recent shots.

^^^ Yes - those ARE 3D HD static people

Caernarfon: Caernarfon has been progressing again this week. Our good friend @antb1 has provided some excellent 3D models which have been implemented. Work will continue in the background and no imminent release is to be expected.

Look at the detail in the air con units - that says it all!

Burg Feurestein: Burg Feurestein remains paused this week - purely because there aren't enough hours in the day! New Projects: This is where things get even more interesting. This week work has commenced on our BIGGEST project ever (yep - a lot larger than Stansted). We can't say anymore at this point, but it has been requested for a long time. As well as this, we have started to gather assets for another UK airport. This will be developer Matt's project (The brilliant dev behind Bournemouth). So keep an eye out for future developments on that. After this, the amount of new project announcements may drop for a month or so. This is because the large airport is truly a team effort, with everyone working together, which will reduce the amount of individual projects briefly. Finally, here's a cool development from this week, and something that is pretty topical considering X-Plane's recent announcment! 3D Trees! Once again, developer Ally (does this man ever stop!?) has been working on something really cool. Our new 3D trees have actually already made their way into some projects, Bournemouth and Teesside feature a few examples, but Southend will use them much more heavily. We have been optimising them for the best performance, and they are deceptively low poly - which is great. Our final goal is to replace all our HD 2D trees with these new 3D HD trees, whilst giving minimal to no impact on performance. We are getting there, through many many tweaks and optimisations. We will continue to test these and if all goes well, we will have a massive range to use which will create some truly stunning forests and woodland in our new projects.

That sums it up for this week - I'm sure you'd agree that it's been a busy one. As always, we have a lot to be excited about! It sure is good to be back. As always, have a great week, take care, and if you have time - go exploring in X-Plane ;) Lewis

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