Weekly Report #14

Somehow, it's Saturday night again. This means it's time for me to write another weekly report about our progress and next plans - and it's an exciting time.

So the biggest even of the week was definitely the release of Bournemouth (EGHH) for XP11. This is currently out on our store (https://www.boundlessdirect.com/product-page/boundless-bournemouth-airport-eghh) and will be coming to the IniBuilds store within the coming days, before making it to the X-Plane.org store at a later date. We've got plenty of previews to show you below, as well as a features list which includes:

Accurate Airport layout

2020 HD (25cm) Ortho of airport and nearby area

Full custom night lighting

PBR 4K custom ground textures

HD PBR Building textures

Nearby business park included

Custom HD road traffic

Custom airport ground vehicles (static and animated)

HD Trees

Traffic Global compatible

Perfectly blends into default scenery or custom ortho areas / Orbx TE GB

3D Grass / vegetation

HD PBR static aircraft

Animated marshallers at selected gates (Autogate plugin required)

This was a real team effort, with both Ally and Matt putting in plenty of work. Bournemouth is Matt's first commercial product and it's safe to say that his input has been brilliant!

As well as Bournemouth, we have also made significant progress with our other projects. Ally continues to make amazing strides with Gloucester. This one is coming together very nicely and we will have more information next week. For now though, here are some previews.

With Bournemouth being released, we can shift our main focus onto Southend once again. We have still come a long way this week, and the next few days should also see significant progress made. A release is more likely in August rather than any time this month and we will continue to work hard on it.

As for the freeware, things are much the same this week. Burg Feurestein is at the 80% mark in terms of completion. Final details will be sorted soon. Caernarfon is on hold for this week as the dev working on this project has been away this week. In other news, I actually flew into Caernarfon today and managed to get plenty of photos for reference, meaning we'll be using a few photorealistic textures on signs and buildings to further increase the realism!

Exciting times...

Anyway, take care, have a great week. Depending on UK / French Covid restrictions, I'll be away next week on a much needed break. You will still get a weekly update provided by Rik, with information sent straight from the devs themselves. Other projects will continue at the same pace (we have a lot to announce soon enough) but Southend is likely to be a little slower.


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