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Weekly Report #13

Well, that week went fast - as always - it's been a busy one so I'll get straight to it.

Southend has been going really well, aside from minor details, everything South of the runway is pretty much finished. This leaves us with runway detailing, all Northern aprons and buildings, before we move onto final tweaks and optimisation. I can confidently say though that the bulk of the work is now behind us and hopefully you'll agree when you see our latest previews!


Matt has worked really hard on Bournemouth this week, meaning he is pretty much finished on his sections of the airport. This means we are entering the 'testing and tidying' phase of development. There are a couple of finalising details to be completed too, then it's a matter of releasing onto our store. This should be expected within the next week or so.


With Matt pretty much wrapped up on Bournemouth now, we'll be looking to start another new project in the next week. More details will be heading your way soon.

Gloucester has certainly been the airport to see the most drastic changes this week! Ally has worked really hard on it and has made plenty of progress. Some initial previews are below for you.


As with the last couple of weeks, freeware is progressing but on a part-time basis. Burg Feurestein looks like it'll be the first to be released (before Caernarfon).

So there we go - looking ahead to the next week, we can expect one release, and potentially a new project to enter into development.

Take care, have a great week!


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