• Rik

Weekly Report #12

Okay so it's time for another weekly update - here we go!

Let's start with the big one - Southend! This week, we announced London Southend as our newest UK airport project. Some initial previews were also released, and I'm happy to include a few more with today's weekly update. We'll be updating you with progress as often as we can, but hopefully, the screenshots reflect that a huge amount of time and effort has already been placed in Southend.


Bournemouth will definitely be the next release from us. Whilst still too early to give an exact timeframe, we can expect a release very soon. Bournemouth will be coming to our store first, followed by our partner stores at a later date. Current progress is good, Matt is working really hard on the final few buildings, then it's a matter of testing, optimising and general tidying up before we go for a release.

There was a lot of interest in Gloucester when we announced it last week - development is going really well. Ally is working through the buildings and adding nothing but amazing details in his wake! There are some further previews of the buildings included. He has also been busy on some models for Southend, now these are complete, you should be seeing a lot more news regarding Gloucester soon.


Freeware continues to progress on a part-time basis - no new previews are ready yet - but both projects are getting there. Burg Feurestein will be released first, followed by Caernarfon at a later date.


This brings us onto things we aren't currently working on.... whilst no decisions have been made as yet, we have undertaken a significant amount of research into new projects. You can expect to see more mid-sized UK / Irish airports, but we hope to bring a few larger surprises to you over the coming months.

That's it for this week - it's been busy as usual! Take care. Fly fast.