Weekly Report #11

Secret projects, surprise announcements, and brand new freeware!

Similar to the last couple of weeks, we've spent a majority of our time on the 'secret' projects- so there's not as much to say as I'd like - but here we go! Bournemouth is getting there - we're finishing up the final few buildings, tidying up some details and then it's off for testing. We are expecting the whole process to take a couple of weeks, more previews will be with you this week!

Caernarfon and Burg Feurestein are still coming along in the background, previews should be with you very soon, and we're excited to get these released in the coming weeks so we can significantly increase our freeware offering.

I think it's finally time to announce one of our new airport projects officially - this is another project being run by Ally - our amazing dev who built Pembrey (EGFP) which released on our store this week. He is now focusing on Gloucester (EGBJ) which will be coming to X-Plane in the coming weeks. Gloucester will be great fun for a range of flying - whilst it's primarily known for being the UK's busiest GA airport, it also handles business jet traffic, pilot training and various helicopter movements. It previously dealt with commercial traffic which ceased a few years ago.

Our other project will be announced next week with a set of special previews.... trust me - we're excited about it! So that wraps it up for this week, as I said, we've not been able to say as much as I'd have liked to, but hang tight because next week will be exciting. Bigger things are coming... Take care, have a great week and make time for some XP11 flying if you're able to ;) Lewis

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