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Boundless Store Upgrade: All You Need To Know.

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

We have recently completed a large investment in our store and website, to bring you further features and improve your experience with us even more. Read on to learn about the changes we have made, and how they will make downloading our products an even better experience!

What have we done? Quite simply, we have kept our website, but altered the system we use to process payments and deliver your orders. This means the store pages will look a little different, but the new system is easier, faster and makes things better for evryone. What has changed? A few things! Most notably, the product pages have got a new look. We have been able to really upgrade them to show more information, additional product images and videos - as well as making the product requirements even clearer.

An example of the new look product pages - active from 15th November 2021. As well as this, order confirmation links will no longer expire. This means that if you ever need to redownload a product of ours, simply search for 'boundless' in your inbox, and redownload from the link provided. This is also really really useful for product updates. The current system means every time we update a product, you need to email us and request a new download code. That will no longer be the case! You will be able to simply redownload from the same email link, and you'll receive the newest version just like that. Now the new store is up and running, you can expect to see more product updates rolled out because the time needed to deliver the changes will be significantly reduced.

The new download section - accessible from your email confirmation links. What's the same? As excited as we are to change and improve things, many aspects of the store are perfect just the way they are. We have kept some features the same. For example, any active discount codes will continue to work on the new store, and we will still be able to run sales on individual products and group products.

Payments will still be securely processed via PayPal and Stripe (which is how credit / debit card payments are managed).

Do I need to do anything? Initially - no. However, as with all good things, there is going to be some work in transferring to the new system entirely. The key point here is that your products and orders are safe. You will NOT have to pay for anything again. The next stages are to just start using the new store for any future downloads. Unfortunately, the new system is completely different, so we have no way of transferring old orders. We know this isn't ideal, but on balance the initial need to transfer orders will be far outweighed by the benefits that the new store will bring. If you need to redownload an old product, simply email us with the order numbers. We'll then provide you with a unique download code, so you can redownload for free off the new store. This is how product updates are currently delivered, so really, it's no extra hassle than using the current system. One unortunate change will be the removal of the current Boundless Rewards program. This was not done by choice, but rather the new system is not compatible. Again, we're fair and we are not going to simply wipe away all of those points for nothing!

Your current points are all saved, and the rewards tab on the website will be active for a while yet, ensuring you can view previous points but just not earn any more. You can email us to cash these out in the form of discount codes until February 2022. Once the new store is fully up and running, we will take a look at launching a new rewards system. But please don't think for one minute that we are going to remove perks and become less generous... because we're not! Plus, it's nearly Christmas... we're not heartless!

If I need help? As always, if you need help, you can contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We aim to make this transition as seamless as possible. Thanks for your understanding and hopefully you'll see the benefits of the upgraded store as we continue to invest in our website and products. 2022 here we come! Lewis

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