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Boundless Report #77

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

This - this is going to be a very speedy report! I know we've been noticeably quiet for a couple of weeks now and whilst I have a spare minute, it seems like a great chance to update you all with the plans - here we go! St Mary's: Okay - we promised this one a couple of weeks ago, and it is technically finished. However, the default mesh has a pretty horrific issue. Whilst the problem is outside the airport boundary, it's enough to make us hold back and look for a solution before we release. This is why St mary's is delayed. We would rather hang back and work this out, instead of push ahead and dismiss the mesh issue as being out of our control - even though it's more with the surrounding area rather than the airport itself. Orbx mesh here isn't great either, but to keep compatibility, we're looking into an optional patch for the area. Dublin: Dublin, pretty much, is also finished! Again, we've been busy, but the idea of taking a step back and checking things over in more detail seemed more sensible than to push for a mid February release (which was the plan). We're just tidying up loose ends now and working on the promos and product documentation too. For a recent look at the scenery, you can check out this landing video we published the other day:

I'm away on a bit of a flying adventure for the next week or so - and yes - that will not speed things up! But hopefully, when I'm back, everything will have lined up and we should be ready to get moving again.

Competition: We've got in touch with the two winners! Once we have confirmed they're happy - they will be announced and we'll share some stats on the competition itself. Thank you so much to everyone who entered, the feedback you gave through our 2023 survey has been really helpful, and will definitely help us shape the next 12 months! Thanks as always for your patience and support - we're very nearly ready to announce some more pretty major projects from around Europe in the coming weeks - definitely exciting times ahead! Lewis

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