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2021 - End of year recap.

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Well - it's basically Christmas and here we are again - nearly at the end of another week. Except that we are also now nearly at the end of the year too (and what a year it's been!). This is our last report of 2021, so I want to make it a little different. Due to Christmas, work, and Ally unfortunately having a hell of a week due to Covid, we're going to make this report more of a recap of 2021 and everything that we have achieved with your help since last year. Think of this as a kind of Spotify wrapped, but for Boundless.... Let's go! January: We kicked off the new year with a new logo and by smartening up our general branding. With the UK in lockdown, we had a lot of spare time on our hands!

February: We released Shannon Airport for XP11 - at that point, our largest ever project.

As well as this, we began our partnership with IniBuilds - being the first external vendor to sell via their online store.

March: Our first standalone freeware airport (Donegal) was released. In fact, this proved so popular we actually had to disable download notifications from our website as our inbox filled up overnight!

April: A good month! We released Stansted Airport (which is still to date our largest completed project).

We also released our smallest ever project, Hull Royal Infirmary Helipad. This was our first UK helipad, and featured amazing 5cm super high resolution ortho for the first time!

May: March began with another release - West Ireland Knock Airport, located in, well.... West Ireland.

This was also a good month because legendary developer Ally joined our team and we released Pembrey Airport - his first project with us.

June: I'm sure we did something in June but honestly none of us can remember anything.

July: Okay - lots of progress this month! We released Cotswold Airport, Bournemouth (Matt's first project) and even managed to sneak in Teesside too! We really spoilt you guys in July.

August: We released our hotly anticipated Southend Airport for XP11 - once again featuring amazing super HD ortho, as well as various features we tried for the first time - such as 3D people!

September: Ally kept us busy this month - releasing Gloucester. This was also when we learned he had a thing for modelling 4K postboxes... if you know, you know.

October: A fairly quiet month by comparison, but we did release our second freeware airport - Caernarfon. This was Callum's first project - and we can all agree that he did a great job! November: Another big one! Although there were no new product releases - we have worked extensively on Dublin Airport... by far the largest project we have ever taken on.

Work has also been ongoing with Doncaster and Inverness - both of which progressed a lot through the month.

We also had our largest ever sale, offering 45% off all of our products across Black Friday. As if this wasn't enough - we significantly upgraded our store system and website, allowing much faster processing of orders, and a more seamless user experience. This has also made it much faster to update products - meaning we can solve issues and make improvements much more efficiently.

December: Well, let's say Christmas, Covid and work slowed us down a little. We've still achieved plenty (some of it in secret so far!) but aside from our incredibly detailed UK Helipads Pack, you won't see many huge changes or releases this month. Instead, we'll be quietly working away through the festive season - getting various projects lined up and ready to launch next year.

January 2022? You know we have plenty of exciting things lined up. From product releases, to new partnerships, to improving your customer experience - expect to see some great new ideas soon.

Finally: Thank you all for your support. Thank you for your downloads. Thank you for your assistance, your motivation and your amazing comments and screenshots - all of which have helped motivate us to keep on bringing new and exciting ideas and locations. Trust me, there are times when our projects can seem like they're taking forever to complete, but then we see a comment about how much somebody is enjoying a previous scenery we have made - and it gives us that much needed boost! So from myself, Cian, Rik, Ally, Matt, Callum and the entire team: Thank you. Have a great Christmas, please find time to do something you enjoy - take a break - and we'll see you next year!

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