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Welcome to Birmingham - the gateway to the Midlands.

We have ensured all details have been included within the airport boundary, but we haven't stopped there. The package also extends to include Birmingham international Station, nearby hotels, offices, warehouses, much of the NEC and Resorts World Arena!

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Welcome to Gloucestershire Airport - the UKs busiest GA airport! Gloucester handles between 75 000 and 90 000 flights per year. These range from training flights, GA flights, business jet operations and rotary flying. No two days here are ever the same!

This project was lead by our legendary developer Ally, whose eye for detail is immense. You'll see so many features (big and small) which make this package as immersive as possible.

As well as this, our team have conducted several visits to the real airport - so you can be sure we know the location well.
  • Full PBR HD custom Ground textures 

  • High quality Ortho background

  • Full Autogate Support

  • Custom HD Trees

  • Custom Ground Polygons

  • Custom Terrain mesh including the iconic sloped runway (optional)

  • Full PBR HD custom buildings

  • Custom Road signs and lighting

  • Fully accurate night lighting

  • Includes NEC, Resorts world arena, nearby offices and warehouses

  • Fully accurate ground markings, including accurately modelled cracks / wear & tear

  • Enhanced Traffic Global compatibility*

  • Additional PBR water / puddle textures 

  • Partially modelled building interiors

  • Custom static ground equipment (Jet2, Swissport etc).

  • Animated monorail (Air Rail Link)

  • All nearby hotels modelled

  • thousands of accurately placed streetlights & roadsigns

*Enhanced compatbility means certain gates have been assigned to the airlines which most commonly use them - improving the realism further.

XP11 V1.5+
Vulkan Compatible
This product does NOT require the Boundless Library
** Please note - with the optional mesh installed, this product is
not compatible with Orbx TE GB due to clashing terrain mesh. If you have further questions on this please do contact us.

features include: