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we've come on leaps and bounds!
here's our story.


We produce high quality, scenery addons to improve the visual experience and relaism of flight simulators. Currently X-Plane 11, X-Plane 12 and MSFS.


Since we formed, we have to date produced over seven high quality locations within X-Plane. In early 2021, we started working with the amazing team over at IniBuilds, together, we will be bringing our products to MSFS and further expanding our range. Keep an eye on us over the next year, we have plenty of exciting plans in the works!



MARCH 2020

How it began.

We launch our first ever project - a recreation of Ronaldsway Isle of Man Airport for XP11. Created with a budget of £5, and definitely a basic scenery by today's standards, the 3D modelling, ortho imagery and PBR textures proved popular, and so began our journey!

* Did you know?
Isle of Man was actually released during the UK lockdown to see if there was a demand for undeveloped, UK airport scenery for X-Plane... turns out... there was!


The new teammate

In August 2020 - Cian joined the team. He already had a lot of experience developing Irish Airport freeware for XP11. We started working together, releasing Kerry as our first Irish project. Since then, we have covered 5 Irish Airports, and 12 Irish Helipads! 

By 2022, Lewis and Cian had worked on 12 projects together - and when they are not too busy sharing Simpsons memes, they continue to develop new projects in and around Europe.

* Did you know?

On their joint projects, Cian models the buildings, and Lewis manages the ground textures.



Making new friends.

We began our successful partnership with IniBuilds. We have since retailed exclusively on our own store and on IniManager, as well as working together to bring Alderney to MSFS.

* Did you know?
We were IniBuilds first developer partner.



A new look!

We had big plans for 2021 - and much like a first date, we wanted to look as sharp as we could! We altered our 'Wing' logo which remains the same today.

* Did you know?
Since day 1 - our logo was designed to represent two wings. The idea is that when you have wings, anything is Boundless!



New website launched.

To coincide with our new look, as well as further major releases such as Shannon and Stansted, we decided it was time to launch Boundlessdirect - our new website. The site has changed and grown a lot since then, but you can still see the similarities!



JUNE 2021

Taking on the challenge!

After growing steadily with further UK and Irish sceneries, we decided to announce Stansted Airport for XP11. This was a huge step for us, as it was by far the argest project we had undertaken, it also marked our first venture into any London airport. 

* Did you know?
Stansted release day was one of our busiest ever! Due to the size of the project, we remained on hand all day to offer immediate help to anyone who needed it. 


APRIL 2021

A legendary team!

How did we get so lucky? Two legendary developers, Matt and Ally joined us during spring 2021. Between them, they have taken the lead in over 12 projects. Of course, more are always on the way!

* Did you know?
Our full team consists of:
6 developers
3 dedicated project testers 
1 Discord king (Rik)
BUT - we all take on eachother's jobs, so everyone is involved in the entire process.



Launch of our Store!

By November 2021, we were outgrowing our old website store and realised it was time to focus on this. Therefore, we decided to completely overhaul the system, launching the new Boundless Store on 25th November 2021. We also stopped selling on certain third party sites so that we could keep the customer process as simple as possible. The store now has over 30 products listed, and will continue to grow over the next few years.

* Did you know?

Our store has helped us to actually lower the price of our scenery, by reducing the time we spend on store management!


MAY 2022

Our biggest ever project!
After 10 months of intense development, we launched Dublin for XP11. This is still our largest project by far, and all nearby areas were included which made the detail and commitment absolutely huge!

Dublin was a true team effort, with Lewis, Cian, Callum and Ally all being directly involved with the development, whilst the rest of the team worked incredibly hard to test and tweak the scenery.

* Did you know?
We conacted our amazing source of ortho imagery, and aquired the aerial photographs just days after they were taken! Talk about fresh ;)



Listening and Responding!

We sent all customers a link to our 2022 Customer Survey. This was immensely helpful, and we read every single response. 

The survey has directly lead to several improvements, including our new Support Centre, as well as the Bug Reporting Service, which lets users submit bug reports through our website - which can be checked by all devs before being compiled into a shared database. This helps us to release updates much faster, and improve our products. 




After the initial release of XP12, we immediately began to update and release products for the new sim. 

There was a lot to learn, and the whole team played a part! As a customer, you can expect to see updates rolling out through 2023. All projects released after September 2022 run with joint XP12 and XP11 compatibility. 

* Did you know?
Inverness is our most popular XP12 product so far, and is Callum's second project - after his freeware Caernarfon last year!



To France!

After over 2 years developing in Ireland and the UK, we decided to expand our range of locations - to act more Boundless if you will! In December 2022 we announced Paris Beauvais, our first project in France. After this, you can certainly expect to see more global releases!


2023 - Let's see what we can write...

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