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We always try to be easy to talk to. No hidden forms and endless searches to find contact details. You can even chat with the individual developer who created the products you are using. Easy!


Response Time:
Instant - 6 Hours

Chat with us, our community and directly with our team of developers. Our Discord server offers the fastest response times, as well as the ability to ask questions publicly, or through a private ticket.



Response Time:
Same Day

Email us directly for any complex queries, as well as all business, media & partnership questions.

For more effective help, please include as much detail as you can in your initial email. 


Response Time:
Instant - 1 Day

Any form submitted through our website can be accessed by our entire support team - whilst it's not quite as quick as our Discord server, you can receive assistance from the most relevant team member.



Response Time:
Instant - 1 Day

Private submission for bug reports related to a product you have downloaded. 

We respond to every report. This form is aimed for issues which cannot be fixed at the users end, but which will require a product update.


*The response times above are based on our usual ability to reply, occasionally circumstances could mean a detailed response may be slower.

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